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Axioms Fitness offers a range of group classes for every skill level. Stay accountable and make fitness fun by joining one of our classes today!

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Bottoms Up

Strengthen up those glutes, hamstrings, quads, and more in this high intensity interval training class made to put your lower body to the test!

Max Burn Boot Camp

Max burn is exactly that; max burn. Expect to burn some serious calories in this high intensity class designed to maximize lean muscle gain and fat loss!

King's Circuit

Watch your muscle grow and fat dissolve in this high intensity interval training class. Be ready to sweat!

Early Bird Circuit

Our early bird circuit is designed to jump start your day with a combination of cardio and weights that will energize you throughout your day!

Core Sculpt

Core sculpt is a Pilates mat class focused on developing core strength, flexibility, balance and stamina, by combining the principles of Pilates with full body toning exercises. This class covers it all!

Core Construct

Core construct is designed to target the core and burn belly fat while simultaneously strengthening your core like never before!

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